Todd is the best photographer I have ever worked with. Makes you feel totally at ease in front of the camera and his work is just top quality. Ive never been so happy with Headshots before. - Shane O’Regan

Todd Estrin is an wonderful photographer! It is because he is filled with wonder and magic that he knows how to create safe environment encouraging you to reveal the magic and wonder specific to you. And then, he captures it in inexplicable fashion. Go work with Todd if you want to feel seen, taken care of, and collaborated with while taking the next step of your career and getting some great headshots! - Marion Grey

I had a fantastic session with Todd. He’s thoughtful, warm, professional, and the photos are fantastic and excellently edited. I will return! - Nate Mann

I didn't have much experience with photo shoots. Todd saw this as an opportunity rather than a problem. He set up a safe and comfortable environment to explore my own inner life. He is professional, kind and playful. A joy to work with! I highly recommend "discovering your own portrait" with Todd! - Olivier Renaud

Todd is incredible. My shots are outstanding and his retouching is on point, but the shoot itself is what I loved the most. It almost felt like a spiritual journey from beginning to end! He truly connects w his clients and really helps you shine. His patience is commendable and I felt like he loves what he does. I’ve referred all my acting friends to him and next time I need new shots I’ll be calling Todd. I look forward to using my new headshots and seeing what doors may open. Thanks again for everything! - Glenís Hunter

Todd is a wonderful human and so skilled at what he does. He helps you feel at ease and empowered in a way that leaves you with shots that really represent the true essence of you. I had a blast and ended up with a plethora of great photos to choose from - Mallory Portnoy

Oh my gawd Todd! You are so good at headshots! Ahhhhhh! 😱 I love so many. I seriously feel like these are the best headshots I have ever taken. - Melanie Kim

Todd does what many photographers promise without delivering. I strongly recommend his headshot photography services. He works with you as a scene partner, allowing you to be activated and present in the session. The emotional quality and authenticity of the headshots are a game changer. His rates are reasonable; he provides an environment for you to do your best work; and you get shots that zero in on YOU. Looking forward to working with these new tools for my career. Thank you Todd!! - Ramona Floyd

The reason you should go to Todd is his process. He is a wonderful and talented photographer, yes; but his process is what sets him aside from other photographers. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and makes you come alive on camera to get the shot you want. I would work with Todd over and over again, definitely recommend! - Vip Paruthi

My experience with Todd Estrin was truly amazing! He was very responsive and attentive before, during, and after the shoot.He made me feel incredibly comfortable. Todd guided me through the session in probably one of the most helpful ways, in ways that truly expressed myself through the images that he took. I highly recommend working with Todd. You will be very satisfied with your headshots! - Stephanie Ruiz

Todd’s way of working made me truly feel at peace and present and it's amazing to see how apparent that is in the pictures themselves. I have countless options that captured a side/essence of myself that I find difficult to show amidst the usual awkwardness of being in front of a camera. Todd dispels all of those hangups and just asks for the simplicity of being yourself. It couldn’t have been a more positive experience. Thank you!! - Anna Tulles

Todd's really great! Takes care of the whole experience, guides you through with a real depth and warmth, allows you the freedom to be yourself in front of the camera. He even had a steamer on hand and got the wrinkles out of my shirt for me. My pictures look GREAT, and his retouching was terrific. And CHEAP, comparatively! Really happy with the whole experience. - David Rosenberg

I am so grateful to have been able to work with you! You are a special soul with a rare talent for drawing out and capturing authenticity. I have no doubt that these photos are going to open doors for me. Already the feedback has been incredible, not only from friends and acting colleagues, but also from industry people, who are adding you to their select lists of go-to photographers in NYC. - John Wiggins

Working with Todd was truly a remarkable experience. It was honestly one of the best photo sessions I have ever experienced. His main goal is to capture you as a person, so he uses a very unique and effective technique in doing so. The journey he took me on during my session was one I will never forget. I recommend him 100%! - Kayla Sutherland

Todd fully understands what it means to be vulnerable; to open up and allow yourself to be seen. Todd effortlessly creates the sacred environment necessary to invite his subjects to share, capturing who we really are. - Gregory Cohan

My experience with Todd was truly inspiring and refreshing. Never before have I felt such a sense of collaboration with a photographer, who is also extremely open and kind. Todd took hundreds of pictures so we had plenty to choose from! His process really helped me get rid of any jitters that come up from being in front of a camera. With an encouraging and gentle hand Todd will help your best self shine through. - Alicia Crowder

I hope we can all agree that these pictures, done by Todd Estrin are terrific. I haven't been this happy with a portrait shoot in well, never, actually. His work is great and he makes it so easy to show your best self. If you're looking for new photos I highly recommend reaching out to him. - Jack Trinco

Never have I had such a great experience with a photographer. Todd took the time to get to know my aspirations, challenges, demons, etc. and used them within his process to get the most out of our session. He was present and supportive the whole time and played really awesome music with a story behind every song. And the shots were amazing! Couldn't recommend more. - Ryan Dunlap

Todd captured the truest version of me. Our session was a collaboration that came from a willingness to be open and seen, on my end, as well as his. I followed his lead, and I now have the most honest head shots I have ever taken. I couldn't be happier! - Frances Eve

Todd is the best! He is a photographer that really understands actors, and will take you on a transformative journey that becomes more than just a headshot exploration, but a therapeutic conversation with the camera. If you're willing to go there, Todd will take you there, making each session unique to each actor to bring out the real, authentic YOU! Todd understands that actors aren't "good" at taking headshot photos, why should we be, so through a series of exercises, stories, and acts you'll be guided through a journey to capture that award winning shot! I knew I was in the right place when we did a meditation prior to the session, and Todd got to know me first so he was able to guide me through our session. Todd is a genius, and I was blown away with the experience, and the result. I felt like my relationship with camera was forever changed, as he helped me make friends with the camera so I could show up. I am enough, as Todd would say. Book your session with him now and enjoy the ride, and your stunning new shots! - James Arthur

Todd is an extraordinarily talented photographer. Getting your portrait taken can be an awkward experience, but he made me feel incredibly at ease and comfortable. Our session turned out to be super enjoyable and the photos are better than I ever could have imagined. This guy is the best! - Katie Nave Freeman

My session with Todd was incredible. It was truly an amazing experience that left me feeling confident and inspired. Todd is the most patient photographer I’ve ever worked with. He really took his time to get to know me before our shoot, which really helped me a lot as I’m definitely someone who dislikes taking photos. I felt such peace during this entire shoot. I didn’t feel any pressure to pose a certain way or to get the perfect shot, instead Todd brought me to a place of owning who I am and just being ME! Thank you for seeing me for who I am Todd and capturing such authentic photos. - Alyssa Abreu

Todd is excellent! Having had less-than-stellar experiences shooting headshots before, I was so happy to be working with such an energetic, positive, creative, knowledgable professional. Todd really loves what he does, and it shows. He immediately made me feel at ease and thoughtfully collaborated with me to get the shot that I needed (plus tons of other options that I also love!). Starr was a brilliant MUA as well! Thanks, Todd! Can't wait to work with you again! - Abbi Hawk

Todd was wonderful all around to shoot with. He’s got this open & calming energy that put me right at ease, and the conversation flowed so organically & with such profound emotion that we got real range to express sides of me that hadn't been captured in photographs yet. He has a great eye for color & found such soft, ethereal light. I'm very happy! - Brandi Nicole Wilson

My experience with Todd was absolutely AMAZING! I’ve taken several headshots before and would often get feedback from CD’s that either looked a lot older on my photo or a lot younger, than I do in person. So I needed a headshot that looked exactly like me when I walk through the door. We discussed this and he explained that lighting and wardrobe was key. He helped me pick the best color for my skin tone and the lighting was natural and soft. In the end the perfect headshot is exactly what I got with Todd. Thanks!! - Ayanna Hutson

Todd works in such a unique and refreshing way, it was the most relaxing and honest shoot experience for me. He creates an intimate space where you can show up exactly as you are. - Jeri Silverman

I had a wonderful, open, encouraging, and relaxing shoot with Todd for my new AMAZING, ELEGANT, AND CAPTIVATING headshots. Todd really takes time to capture his subjects' personality. He is very patient during the selection process and his editing technique allows your photos to remain natural looking. Great experience throughout!! - Tianna Mendez

Todd understands how an actor inherently thinks, which allows for honesty and vulnerability in the room. He is original in his approach to finding the real you. - Charles Warburton

Todd, you do a beautiful job of capturing each person's essence in its rawest form. There is so much truth and sincerity in these portraits that is so beautiful it's mesmerizing!! It was a true joy to work with you, although it felt more like two friends discussing the mysteries of life. - Tannia Kustka

Todd works like an actor approaching his character - he is specific. While shooting he finds out what fills you full of joy, pride, sadness, or tears, confident that this will make you available to him, the camera, and therefore your audience. The results are impressive. - Philip O'Gorman

My headshots with Todd are hands down the best headshots I have ever gotten (and I've had a lot of headshots in my time.) Todd is interested in bringing out the authentic you and that is what is most important in a successful headshot. I have gotten an endless amount of compliments and have already gotten more auditions since I've started using these new shots. Thank you, Todd. - Lindsay Brill

Working with Todd was such a welcome change from past photo shoots I've done. He has an actor's mind and knows exactly what to say to draw you out and help you connect to your most authentic self. The experience ends up being really collaborative; I look at my pictures and truly feel like I was part of their creation, which is amazing. - Oliver Lehne

Todd creates a beautiful, grounded, safe and welcoming space in his beautiful studio. In my experience, his unique approach will allow you to let your guard down to capture truly uniquely intimate and vulnerable images. His kindness, curiosity and passionate care will be dominant factors in your shoot - enjoy! - Eva Sólveig

Todd understands what a good headshot can mean for an actor. Between conversation and laughing, Todd is sure to snag the winning photo. His dedication to his craft and pure passion for his images shines through in the 3000+ images he took during the session! - Jeff O'Donnell

Taking headshots, in my opinion, tends to be a daunting, arduous, albeit necessary task. I was dreading this photo shoot, but with in the first few minutes of meeting Todd, he put me at ease. During the shoot, Todd helped me to relax more by assuring me that he wanted to capture ME, and not some idea of what I'm supposed to look. This was an invaluable part of my photo session with Todd; he never attempted to impose a particular 'look'. He worked with me and created images that genuinely reflected me... This photo shoot was a joy, and I feel that Todd truly honored and captured the authentic me. - Kristin Anderson

Todd truly knew how to speak to me as an actor and human when we worked. In his hands the camera didn't feel like an alien or scrutinizing presence anymore but rather like an open, loving embrace within which I could allow myself to be seen in all the iterations of who I really am or really could be. - Katy Pinke

Thank you so much Todd! It was great to meet you and great working with you. You put me at ease, slowed me down, centered me and realigned me. You made me feel good and made me have fun. - Josh Alscher

Todd was amazing! He made me feel really comfortable and helped me feel natural in front of the camera. It wasn't about posing or getting the right looks, but about getting to the heart of who I am. Also, his dog is the greatest. - Sarah Robotham

Todd made me feel like I was at home. I enjoyed every second I was with him. We sat and had ourselves a conversation beforehand and I didn't feel nervous at all. In fact, I'd never felt so comfortable making extended eye contact with somebody I had just met. I almost didn't want to leave. I fell so deeply in love with my photos, I felt like Narcissus. Todd created such a cozy environment for me, and his dog is such a sweetheart. I kind of miss it. - Dev Young

I had my first impression of Todd after a call where he explained what to expect from the session & gave details so I could come prepared. The call revealed his communicative style & eagerness to help the actor in the process. I had been photographed while acting & loved my stills from film & theater, yet I always felt that didn't translate well into my headshots. Todd approaches the session as a director would when walking you through a rehearsal. He gives you pointers & notes (both technical & emotional) to bring out the best in you while working wonders with natural light. He even had coffee ready for me since I opted for a morning session. Kudos to you, Todd! It takes an actor to understand one. Highly recommended. - Ben Cardona

To meet Todd was such an awesome experience on so many levels. All stages of the shooting were 5 plus stars, indeed. He was committed and kind from the very first moment I contacted him. The preparations went smoothly and he answered all my questions clearly and empathetically. The shoot itself was an experience every actor and human being can only profit from. He guides you through the process like a meditation, where self-doubt, fear, shame and the feeling of "not being enough" either lose their weight or even start to empower you in front of the camera. It simply was fun work. AND THE RESULT: Incredible. Best shots I ever got. I'm extremely thankful for seeing the true me on his pictures in the best possible light, of course! - Lena Rose

My session with Todd as well as our communication before and after the shoot has been incredibly professional as well as comfortable. He as a person is very easy to be around. His personality coupled with the way he organizes his sessions make for a relaxed day. I had so many photos to choose from because the selection he provided was awesome. Before closing up the case, he made sure I liked the editing and even made adjustments. All of my actor friends are asking who did my headshots! I highly recommend Todd Estrin. - Kayland Jordan

Todd’s ability to make his subjects feel at ease and his attention to detail and honesty make him a joy to shoot with! He understands that people have many sides and he manages to capture them all in one photograph! His Prices are reasonable and he’s a wizard with a camera! I cannot recommend him highly enough!! - Timothy Harrison

Not only was the experience of working with him such an enormous pleasure, but these photographs are also a cut above. This is the first time I’ve ever seen myself emerge from a photograph, without a funny face or some kind of put-on expression. Even from just the first comb-through of the work, my heart lept because I saw so much of me captured faithfully and sensitively. And in the retouch Todd polished me up without removing any of my unique creases, marks, and hairlines. A clean, professionally made photograph that felt like an accurate portrayal of what we had worked on together. It was an enormous joy to work with Todd. Anyone who works with him will be satisfied. - Ian Garrity

Working with Todd was an amazing experience from start to finish! He offers a variety of photo packages so actors can get exactly the looks they need. He has a very in-depth "pre-camera" process that focuses on discovering the most authentic version of yourself, not just posing and shooting. That said, he has a great eye for angles and lighting and will painstakingly ensure that he gets the best possible version of you. I am thrilled with my new headshots! Consummate professional and a very kind person. I would highly recommend him! - Katie Brandenburg

Todd is absolutely incredible!!! He has a very subtle and gentle way of capturing people in their purest and truest state. Just look at his portfolio, every photo is unique, gorgeously lit with natural light, and completely represents the person being photographed. He is the only photographer I trust to take my portraits, headshots, or otherwise. He makes photos fun, easy, and anxiety-less. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend!! - Devin Shacket

Todd Estrin is by far the most GENEROUS and AMAZING photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with! His warmth and energy and pure love for what he does is seen in every shot! He was with me 100% of the way and was invested personally in my journey behind the camera! He asked me to get real in a deep level and show up and CONNECT with who I am inside. It was truly amazing and my shots prove it! I have never been happier with what I have before and the comments from friends have been that not only do I look amazing but that these are the best shots that show who I AM. I'm so happy!!! Thank you Todd for all that you do and who you are!! I'll be coming to you for years to come! - Karina Sindicich

Don't hesitate! Todd is one of the best headshot photographers in the city. I love my shots and so does my representation. My session was totally relaxing and fun. Todd is such a sweet guy and truly cares about showing you for who you are. He is deep, heartfelt and knows how to help you relax and enjoy the experience. I for one don't love photo shoots but Todd made it very enjoyable and easy! His work speaks for its self and is very reasonably priced. Thanks again, Todd! - Matt Heller

Working with Todd was not only fun and totally stress-free, but the pictures I got out of it are unbelievable!!! Todd truly has a wonderful combination of a talent for photography and an ability to make everyone feel comfortable being themselves. Put those two traits together and you get an amazing headshot and a really enjoyable shoot. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen him to take my headshots and the next time I need new ones I will gladly choose him again. Thank you so much Todd! - Charlotte Herzog

Todd created the best possible environment to explore, be seen, and feel empowered. This was the perfect process for me, and I can’t imagine working in another way now. - Matthew Tolstoy

Thank you so much Todd for all the love and care you put into your work/art! Even when it was my first time getting portraits done and I was very nervous, you were able to bring me to life in front of the camera. What you do is very special and I wish many more actors and people in general have the luck of working with you! - Arelys Rosado-Gonzalez

I had a wonderful experience with Todd! I am typically frozen in front of a camera and have had many uncomfortable headshot experiences. However, being photographed by Todd was not only comfortable and fun but an informative exploration of myself which I thought was beautifully reflected in the photographs. I got way more than a pretty headshot. I got portraits beaming with energy and life! - Stephanie Herlihy

Todd was AWESOME! He was really present during the shoot. He took a lot of time to talk to me and get to know what kind of a shot I was looking for. We did a little guided meditation before the shoot and it really helped me to center myself before going in front of the camera, which I am generally very uncomfortable doing. He used all natural lighting and took a lot of pictures and there were so many good ones to choose from at the end. I would highly recommend doing a shoot with him! - Justin Fuller

I had an incredible headshot session with Todd. Todd is unlike any other photographer out there, in that he gives you the space to put your fears aside and truly be yourself, just as you are, without inhibitions -- wherever you may be in your artistic journey. You will also leave with beautiful photos every time. It is a gift to work with Todd! - Devin Lloyd

Simply put, you should already be working with Todd. He's amazing! - Johnathon Appel

Todd is a very understanding professional who allows you to relax, be yourself, and not feel like you have to "force" anything during your shoot. I was nervous going into my shoot because I had a not-so-pleasant prior experience, but the whole time I was there, I felt calm and at ease because of his relaxed and engaging demeanor. Thanks to him, I received some very pleasant photos (: He listened to all of my edits and was very patient with me. Thank you so much Todd! You were a genuine delight to work with. - Anisa Strachan

I did a morning session with Todd and he made me feel so at home and comfortable! Before we started he asked me about myself, what inspires me, how I was feeling in that moment. It was nice to get grounded, and he genuinely cared. During the shoot he’d play different music, tell me stories, ask me questions. We got some amazing, honest shots and I highly recommend him! - Tara DiGiovacchino

Todd is such a light! We had such a delightful session, he really put me at ease and made shooting headshots a really personal, simple process. It didn’t feel forced or like I had to perform. It was natural and human and exactly how taking headshots should be. He is a lovely human being and I will definitely continue to use him as my photographer anytime I need new headshots. Love him! - Kelsey Susino

Working with Todd is a wonderful experience. Todd's approach is holistic, collaborative, generous and engaging. He allows you to be as you are, with him. I didn't feel pressure to do anything but be seen. I laughed, I cried, Peekay, his sweet dog slept on my feet, and I got some great pictures, too! - Julia Hirsch